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Learning and Training for Neighbourhood Renewal

This research, published in February 2002, developed out of a project to explore progression pathways from informal learning in the community to more formal education. It extended that work by mapping existing provision relating to skills and knowledge for the development of communities, and analysed needs and desires for training related to Neighbourhood Renewal.

Given the current shift towards delivery of services through the community and voluntary sector, this research has renewed relevance.

The 1st file is the substantive document with executive summary; file 2 is the action plan; file 3 is an annotated bibliography.

FinalReport-Learning & Training for NR-Feb2002 copy

FinalReport-Learning & Training for NR-Feb2002.2 copy

FinalReport-Learning & Training for NR-Feb2002.3 copy

Information, Advice & Guidance Project

This report is a qualitative evaluation of Brighton and Hove’s Information, advice and guidance (IAG) Project during 2000-2001. This particular phase of IAG development across the city had focused on meeting the IAG training needs of community and voluntary sector organisations.

IAG Evaluation Report 2001- final draft copy