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Evaluation of the second Inter-professional Learning Day, University of Brighton, November 2009

The Inter Professional Learning Day (IPL) at Brighton University was jointly planned by the *ECM working group, comprising course leaders from professional awards for those working with children and young people. This was the 2nd IPL Day organised through the ECM group and involved approximately 180 – 200 students in their final stages of professional preparation from nursing, education, social work, youth work, early years and midwifery, alongside lecturers and practitioners in these fields. The 1st took place in November 2008 and involved similar groups from a narrower range of programmes (teachers and midwives were additional programmes involved in 2009). The purpose of this evaluation was to review the experience gained from these two IPL days, to facilitate feedback to professional practitioners and educators, and to support the IPL/ECM working group in clarifying the focus of future IPL work. The evaluation and feedback process was also intended to inform the development of IPL work across the university and with professional groups beyond the institution.

The evaluation process and the final report were conducted and produced  with the support of a University of Brighton Research Fellowship, awarded to the ECM working group; the report was published in March 2010.

*ECM – Every Child Matters

IPLEvaluation – 8.3.10 – FINAL copy