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The Impact of Family Learning Interventions on schools and communities

This research, published in December 2010, was commissioned by Brighton and Hove Family Learning and details qualitative research into the impact of Family Learning on adults and for the production of good practice case studies that built upon the ongoing tracking work for the Family Learning Impact Funding (FLIF) programme, managed nationally through NIACE.

The purpose of the research was to consider the contribution of Family Learning programmes to:
• Continued involvement by participants in their children’s learning;
• Production of softer outcomes for participants, in particular the building of increased confidence;
• Participation in wider learning and training opportunities;
• Participation in volunteering;
• The building of greater community cohesion through the development of stronger social and cultural capital.
This research project also considered the above elements in the context of two case studies to demonstrate good practice in developing Family Learning/ School collaboration

FL in communitiescoversheet copy

Family Learning in communities[FINAL V] copy

Evaluation of the ‘Building Bridges’ ESF Project Summer 2006–June 2008

This report, published in July 2008, was commissioned by the Family Learning Programme Manager of Brighton and Hove City Council, lead partner and delivery partner, on behalf of the Project Management Group. It details the findings of a qualitative review of the ESF-funded Building Bridges Project carried out with Project managers, workers, key providers and stakeholders. The Project activities spanned Brighton and Hove, Surrey and West Sussex. The Report deals with the activity of the Project between June 2006 and 2008.

Building Bridges-Final Report 2008 copy