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Out on the Margins: sexual orientation, discrimination and social exclusion

This  research, published in October 2005, sought to develop some of the themes explored in ‘In or Out?’ December 2004, and focused on making contact with LGBT organisations in other parts of the UK,  to share the findings from our research and engage in dialogue. We looked at previous research carried out in both Scotland and Wales amongst the LGBT communities that extended our reading of the background literature on aspects of LGBT community history and activity. We also conducted deskbased research about the broader policy agenda, exploring material suggested by our earlier work. We returned to some of our original informants to review the situation within the LGBT community in Sussex, consider the findings of our original Sussex-based case study within a wider social policy context and to draw out some key messages for funders and policy makers.

This research was co-produced with Anne Bellis.

Outonthemargins -FINAL copy

In or out? Sexual orientation and the employability agenda; a SEQUAL Research Report

This research report, published in December 2004, focused on labour market discrimination linked to sexual orientation, and presents a comparative case study of Brighton and Hastings – two seaside resorts on the south coast of England. They are both areas of significant disadvantage in relation to Sussex, the South East and nationally. The research findings have mainly come from interviews with members of the LGBT communities in both areas, and with representatives from local voluntary and statutory organisations. These findings highlighted significant differences between the two localities, and in the profiles of their LGBT communities.

I worked as part of a collaborative research team, with Anne Bellis and Susan McGrath, to produce this report.

SEQUAL-final report copy