Denis Doran

My practice engages with story telling informed by a Life story/Oral History approach.
The work I produce has taken a number of forms: fine art print, photography, artist’s books. I now work with moving image, informed by my background as a reportage/ documentary photographer.

The work I make is centrally situated within a wider social and political context. It includes work with young people at risk and on the edges of the Criminal Justice System, making short films that drew on, and enabled an articulation of their own life experiences. Through the process of filming, these young people constantly explored real and imagined boundaries; where they lie, what they mean, and in this engagement redefined for themselves their own sense of place and belonging.
I’ve worked with survivors of suicide who question the silence surrounding their actions, and their need to be heard, not judged.
I’ve worked with ex-rough sleepers, as they move between the familiarity of street sleeping and the challenges faced in trying to lead what they understand as an ordinary life.

It is in this broader context of working with life narratives, that my interests lie: the idea of ‘home’ and ‘belonging’ as boundaries filtered through memory and experience, in relation to landscape, locality and history. This, in turn, draws on the richness of the ordinary and everyday.

I also enjoy writing short narratives: these might take the form of observations, reflections on chance encounters, notes about everyday incidents, and that’s what my WordPress blog, Some Small Souvenirs is about.