• Craven Vale

    People's approaches to growing their own food. Through the interplay of their stories, we articulate an awareness of the importance of ‘place’ and a sense of belonging that these spaces encourage.
  • Under the Same Roof

    Under the Same Roof looks at four different housing coops in Brighton and the ways in which they provide security and control over people's housing needs.
  • No Place Like Home

    No Place Like Home continues our exploration of homelessness and ideas of belonging, that we first encountered during our work with Catch 22 and their resettlement programme.
  • Something in the Silence

    Exploring the stories of three individuals, survivors of suicide. They talk about silence surrounding suicide, and the need to be heard, not judged.
  • In Passing

    This short film reflects the ruptures in the world of these young people’s immediate families and the wider social network they inhabit.
  • Some Kind of Life

    People who have been, or still are, homeless. Stories challenging assumptions about what constitutes home and how people understand their own sense of belonging.
  • An Imagined Country

    A journey structured around story fragments. Fragments, now imagined as much as remembered.
  • Hens, Whitehawk

    Standing On Common Ground

    A series of short films focusing on different aspects of community food growing.
  • In The Object

    Occasional series of short films exploring the use of objects in reminiscence work.
  • Scattered Lives

    Films made about Catch 22, Northampton, who work with people on the edges of the Criminal justice System.
  • Home Ground

    Home Ground-Telling Tales: a collaborative film project with a group of young people aged 12-17, on the edges of the Criminal Justice System
  • Salvaged

    Objects collected on Whitley Bay beach on the North East coast of England, and Brighton beach on the south east coast. Walking memories; beachcombing.
  • Common Ground

    Common Ground is a sustained exploration of a marginal landscape, an allotment site.
  • Reading Room

    Association through chance arrangement; material for recollection, reflection.
  • Just Looking

    Documentary/reportage from 1982 until around 2002.
  • Evaluating

    A selection of evaluation work Teresa has undertaken.
  • research

    A range of research papers, mainly by Teresa.